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2019 Gran Fondo Moab – La Sal Mtn Loop Road Course

Overview of the Gran Fondo Moab course, courtesy of

Gran Fondo Moab Course Map(click to view active map)

Route Time Limits: 6 Hour Time Limit (8 am- 2 pm)

The Gran Fondo Moab road cycling event will start in Moab and follow the La Sal Mountain Loop Road. The ride will be 60 miles with 5500 feet of climbing. This is one of the most beautiful routes you will ride in any cycling event.

The route will have a neutral start in town with a police escort for 2 miles to the Colorado River road also known as HWY. 128.  After turning right on Hwy 128, the neutral roll-out ends and riders can assume their own pace. Sixteen miles of rolling terrain along the Colorado  River Road lead to the Castle Valley intersection. From here the road climbs almost 2000 feet in 13 miles to the intersection with the La Sal Mountain Loop Road.  This is where the ascent gets tougher, with some very steep switchbacks, climbing 7 miles to 8300 feet at the Castle Valley Overlook.  The next 6 miles are a rolling descent to the final 1 mile climb to the Geyser Pass turn-off.  From here it is 22 miles downhill to the finish, with more tight switchbacks. Riders should be extremely careful on the descent, looking for wildlife, potholes and loose gravel. This is not where you should plan to make up time for a faster ride.  In May the weather is pretty consistently nice but anything can happen at higher elevations. Be prepared.

Safety- Ride with Caution- Do not ride above your limits, especially on the Steep Downhill

The route will be on open roads with two-way motorized traffic.  All cyclists’ must obey traffic laws at all times. There will be a STRICT yellow-center line rule, even on the parts of the course that have no painted center line. The road in the mountains is very narrow, with blind corners where riders can encounter oncoming motor vehicles so always stay as far right as possible.  Please ride with caution.

Law enforcement will be patrolling the course.

Gran Fondo Moab RULES
1. THIS IS NOT A RACE: We are encouraging you to challenge yourself to the top to Geyser Pass and ride carefully to the ride finish.  The top five riders to the top will be awarded for men and women for their efforts. Your SAFETY is your responsibility. We will only time the TOP 5 men and women for the KOM/QOM at Geyser pass. All riders will get a finish time for the complete ride back to Old City Park.

2. Helmets are Mandatory: Cyclists must have a helmet on at ALL times on the Gran Fondo Moab course.

3. Obey ALL traffic laws: All cyclists are responsible for obeying all traffic laws: we have a rolling closure from town to Castle Valley, after that you are on OPEN roads. Ride single file whenever possible. Any cyclist who is deemed to be riding unsafely, discourteously or recklessly will be pulled from the event and possibly ticketed by local law enforcement.

4. NO IPODS, Headphones or music devices are to be worn after event start or at anytime on the Gran Fondo Moab course.

5. NO personal support vehicles allowed on the course. Supports is allowed at the start and finish of the event. The less cars on the route the safer the event will be. NO WATER BOTTLE HAND-OFFS at the Aid Stations. You need to stop and get water on your own.

6. DISPLAY your event number and wrist band. All registered riders that want a result and time must wear there race number as instructed at packet pick up. Any rider who fails to do this properly will not get an official time or finish. If you do not have your wrist band on you will not be allowed access at the aid stations and will not get lunch at the FINISH. No exceptions.

7. No unregistered riders. Unregistered riders will not be allowed to start with the MASS start or allowed to be in the rolling closure. Unregistered riders will NOT be allowed to get water or food at any aid stations.

8. USE the Bathrooms PLEASE: DO not go to the bathroom anywhere on course except public bathrooms or Porta Potties. It only takes one individual to be seen peeing on the side of the road to ruin the event! There are bathrooms at the start at Swanny Park. We will have Porta Potties at 2 of the aid stations. There are also bathrooms on HWY 128- the river road at some of the boat pull-offs. There will be bathrooms at the finish at Old City Park.

9. BE RESPECTFUL to other riders and HAVE FUN!

Be extremely careful on the downhills after Geyser Pass road. There are two parts of this descent. 1.) Bromely Hill (AKA Big Nasty- a name that it should have never been called!) and the 180 degree turn at the Moab Overlook. There is road damage back to the finish on Spanish Valley. Ride with CAUTION.